Á la carte menu

Á la carte menu

Our food, the thing we strive for and put our hearts into, is built lovingly upon Middle Eastern and North African cuisine. We love – and are known for – our delicious vegetarian and vegan dishes and our meat and poultry do not pale in comparison.

Our selection of mezes and dips can satisfy your craving for a small bite to enjoy while having a drink, or maybe you would like to share some with your friends? You can also have a few mezes instead of one main course if you feel like tasting different flavours at the same time. Our abundant salads, juicy burgers and tasty pitas will fix a greater hunger of sure and our lovely desserts will crown your dining experience!

Dips 8€

The dips are served with bread (V)
*The dips are also possible to order with gluten-free saffron bread

Hummus (V, G)
Chickpeas, tahini, lemon juice

Tzatziki (L, G)
Yoghurt, cucumber, garlic, mint

Baba ganoush (V, G)
Grilled aubergine, lemon juice, herbs

Avocado labneh (L, G)
Labneh, herbs, avocado

Mezes 9€

Lamb and kale pastilla (M)
Minced lamb and kale in filo pastry

Goat’s cheese and kale pastilla (VL)
Goat’s cheese, kale and dates in filo pastry

Halloumi fingers with zatar and pomegranate syrup

Fattoush-salad (V)
Tomato, cucumber, radish, mint and crispy bread with pomegranate syrup

Sandro’s falafels (V, G)
Sandro’s home-made falafels with tarator sauce

Sandro’s beetroot balls (V, G)
Crispy on the outside, soft on the inside beetroot balls with chili mayo

Stuffed wine leaves (V, G)
Stuffed wine leaves with chili mayo

Sizzling tiger prawns (M, G) 12,90€
Sautéed tiger prawns with lemon garlic herb sauce

Sandro’s green garden salads 19€

Green salad, tomato, cucumber, avocado, olives, pomegranate, strawberry vinaigrette, hummus, tzatziki and bread

  • Grilled halloumi
  • Crispy chicken
  • Oumph or falafels

(Also available with gluten-free saffron bread)

Sandro’s tasty burgers 20,90€

Served french fries, dips: chili mayo (V,G) tzatziki (LL) or garlic-lemon mayo (V, G) 1,50€

Sandro’s Nomad-burger 
Brioche bun, lamb and beef patty, chili mayo, mixed salad, tomaato, cheddar, grilled onion, pickled cucumber

Sandro’s chicken burger

Brioche bun, crispy chicken, grilled onion, chili mayo, mixed salad, tomato, pickeled cucumber

Sandro’s vegan burger 
Vegan patty, chili mayo, mixed salad, tomaato, grilled onion, pickled cucumber

Sandro’s pitas 18,90€

Served with french fries, dips: chili mayo (V,G), tzatziki (LL, G) or garlic-lemon mayo (V, G) 1,50€

Chicken pita 
Grilled chicken, chili mayo, mixed salad, tomato and coleslaw

Crispy falafels, chili mayo, mixed salad, tomato and coleslaw

Halloumi pita

Grilled halloumi, chili mayo, mixed salad, tomato and coleslaw

Chicken skewer with roasted vegetables 16,90€

A chicken skewer with daily roasted vegetables and garlic and herb sauce (M, G)

Sandro’s tagines

Chicken and olive tagine 23€ (M, G)

Chicken, roasted vegetables, olives, spicy mango-curry-sauce, served with rice

Duck tagine 24€ (M, G)

Duck leg, roasted vegetables, duck-curry-sauce, served with rice

Marrakech lamb shank tagine (M, G, contains almond) 27,90€

Overnight braised lamb shank, roasted vegetables, lamb-curry-sauce, served with rice

Lemon-tofu-tagine 22€ (V, G)

Tofu, roasted vegetables, spicy mango-curry-sauce, served with rice

Marrakech madness 63,90€

A menu of your choice to share for two person minimum

Starter: A dip of your choice, served with bread (also available gluten free)

Main: A tagine of your choice

Dessert: Baklava (V), Chocolate orange cake or Honey cake

Kid’s menu

Crispy chicken with fries 10€ (M)

Kid’s burger and fries 10€

Beetroot balls with fries 10€

Desserts 9€

Cake of the day

Chocolate cake (V, G)

Chocolate and orange cake

Baklava (V)

Ice cream