Join our Sandro Family!

We at Sandro will take our guests on a surprise trip to somewhere exotic on brunch, dinner, and lunchtime. Our food is built upon Middle Eastern and North African cuisine and our beating heart the multi-cultural Sandro Family. The warm embrace, the extra Something that makes you feel good inside, the feeling of being home, that’s the experience you’ll have when visiting us!

If you feel like you’d like to be part of our family, send us your story to To our family members, we offer an opportunity to develop yourself and to be part of a wonderful and professional team. We also offer great Noho Partners staff benefits. We hire the right persons all-around the year!

Are you Sandro Tapiola’s new restaurant manager?

We are looking for a fabulous restaurant manager to join our team full-time! In your assignment, you will lead the entire restaurant by example and love, you’ll report from the activities of the front of the house and the kitchen to the restaurant group director. You valuate our solid standards and are a great team player. We expect you to have marvelous organizational skills and previous experience from leading a restaurant and degree from the hospitality industry, excellent knowledge of margins, and other figures. You don’t need to be a ready package because we look up to a person who has a hunger to develop their skills further and produce amazing experiences day by day. 

We offer you the opportunity to develop as a manager and to be part of a wonderful and professional team, our Sandro Family. We also offer great Noho Partners staff benefits.

Let your personality appear and send us your story as soon as possible We hire a suitable candidate right after we find you!