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All the flavors are inspired by the rich flavors of North African and Middle Eastern cuisines.

Sandro lunch buffet is a selection of salads, dips, warm dishes & Sandro’s coffee and mint tea.

12,90€/person, kids 6-12 yo 6,45€/person and kids under 5 yo for free!

Ask more information from restaurants!

Week 38 (14.9-19.9)


Salmon and tahini-yoghurt sauce L, G

Red lentils and sweet corn with spicy Maroccan tomatosauce V, G


Minced chicken tagine with butternut squash and spinach M, G

Tofu and mushroom tagine V, G


Roast beef tagine with pomegranate and caramelized little onions M, G

Red cabbage and pulled oats tagine with preserved lemon and fennel V


Chicken tagine with harissa-yoghurt sauce M, G

Creamy cauliflower and chickpea tagine V, G


Minced beef shakshuka with aubergine and egg M, G

Roasted aubergine with green lentils and pistachio pesto V, G


Grilled Merquez-sausages with Maroccan tomato sauce  M,G

Spinach ad scampi omelette M, G