Vappu at Sandros!

Vappu will be celebrated in all Sandros: Gather your friends & family and join the party!

VAPPU MENU 42 € /person
(Kids up to 12yo. 2 € /year of age)

Dips & Bread:
Cauliflower hummus, tahini and za’atar
Taramasalata, fish roe, potato and olive oil
Avocado, pistachio, labneh and dill
Grilled flatbread
Sandro saffron bread

Sandro Vappu Table:
Smoked salmon, new potatoes, sumac, dill and spring onion
Baltic herring, sour cream, coriander seed, preserved lemon and pink peppercorns
Grilled merguez, pickled grapes, smoked chili mayo and rose
Heart of palm, cauliflower, spinach, truffle, pomegranate and advieh
Fattoush, radish, cucumber, tomato, goat milk cheese and mint
Tabbouleh, tomato, onion, parsley and lemon
Roasted carrot, cardamom, raspberry and tarragon
Love gems, asparagus, parmesan and strawberries

Hot Table:
Grilled salmon in saffron cream sauce
Overnight lamb, dates, almonds and pomegranate
Roasted cauliflower, seaweed ´caviar´ and tarragon béarnaise
Oven-baked new potatoes with dill butter
Sautéed greens, spinach, peppers and zucchini with mint and ginger

Dessert Table:
Chocolate brownie cake
Mango cheesecake
Tosca cake
Sticky date cake
Strawberry lime cake
Carrot ginger cake
Pistachio halva
Spicy merinque
Fresh fruit
Vappu doughnuts
Sandro’s sima

1st seating: 17.00/17.30-
2nd seating: 19.30/20.00-

1st seating: 10.30/11.00-
2nd seating: 13.00/13.30-
3rd seating: 15.30/16.00- (not in Sandro Tapiola)

Book a table online or email us at!

Please note: Due to construction work, Sandro Ratina will not be open for Vappu. But book your table now for Mothers’ Day 13.5.!